Montessori Teacher's Training

Montessori Education is based on the belief that children are individuals with their own strengths, needs, likes and learning styles. What things interest this child so that we can use his/her natural interests and abilities to teach this concept that they need to know? Students can reach for the same material and use it in the way that they were taught so that they can practice a concept that they are working on. You will see children, some in groups, some by themselves, working on different concepts, and the teacher sitting with a small group of children, usually on the floor around a mat. Children will be given a work plan or a contract and will need to complete an array of educational activities just like in a more traditional classroom. The main difference being that the activities will be at each child’s maximum plan of development and will be presented and practiced in a way that the child understands, and the child will have the freedom to choose which he/she does first. Montessori children DO NOT have problems in social situations or when adapting to traditional education.
Thus we take opportunity to those who really put their interest with efforts and get trained in the above concepts may enroll with us for an exclusive DEMO and be a part of doing good parenting and above all learn to earn in good dignified Montessori National and International Schools. We also provide job assistance for those who are trained and to be trained.

To impart high quality education and training create an atmosphere most advantageous for pursuit of knowledge. To be sense of self-discipline motivate and encourage the candidates / students to be dynamic self-starters. To identify the talent in the under privileged group and enable them to enhance their life thus making a contribution to this Competitive arena in the world.
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